Saturday, May 22, 2010

HEY MAMA..*in my Kanye West voice*

It's not until the end of the day when I sit down and gather my thoughts and realize that I do soo much in a day! Just being a single mom to an almost 8 year old little fella alone is a HANDFUL!!

Waking up at 630 am every morning, getting him dressed for school then dropping him off. After dropping him off going to the salon to work,somehow in between rushing to pick him up from school find a way to take care of other things (supermarket/wal-mart runs), take him to his after school activities, find energy to be enthused then come home check homework and make dinner. Fight him to take a shower after that get clothes together for the next day and do it all over again!! WHEW!! oh and did I mention that I am expecting?! So that makes it 25 times harder!

This alone has been a roller coaster! Trying to adapt to having another parent that is actually involved! Its not so easy when you've been use to being a single parent for so long but I am getting better!

As hard as it is some days.... I LOVE MY LIFE! I thank God for blessing us as women to be STRONG! At the end of the day it's all worth it! And when it seems like its not enough hours in a day.. I still find time to be FAB!!

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