Sunday, May 23, 2010

iStyleLikeMe!: iStyle... Kaleigh's Shower!

iStyleLikeMe!: iStyle... Kaleigh's Shower!


So the Kid and I went to see Shrek "The Final Chapter" on Friday! Even though I feel that Shrek along with some other movies that are suppose to be geared towards children are more for adults with the subliminals thrown in there and adult jokes LOL nonetheless ... We enjoyed the movie!! I absolutly enjoy all the characters in the movie!! Rumple Stiltskin, Gingy and poor Puss in Boots is overweight!! Too cute!! I LOVE SPENDING MOTHER AND SON TIME! Plus with the little lady on her way wanted to do something with my little guy!

In honor of SHREK you know I had to do something FAB!!!

I purchased the "Mini's" of the SHREK nail polish collection. Which included
"WHO THE SHREK ARE YOU?" Which is a beautiful GREEN that resembles SHREK alot I LOVVVVE IT!!
"FIERCLY FIONNA" Which is suppose to be a light green but depending on complexion gives a little yellow to me! This is one of my favs!!

"WHATS THE CATTITIUDE?" A beautiful light blue!! This color is sooo pretty!!!

"RUMPLE'S WIGGIN" This is a very nice lavender!!
Those are the colors that are included in the "mini" set

They're are 2 more shades that I absolutely live for!!

"OGRE-THE-TOP-BLUE" This is my favorite blue that OPI has come out with!

"FUNKEY DUNKEY" This deep purple is GREAT!!

This collection is FLYING off the shelves!! I guess SHREK is a popular guy! :)

If you havent taken your family to see the movie yet, you should.. Shrek is always a fun movie and in 3D it's even better! :) OH AND LADIES!! GET THAT NAIL POLISH!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

HEY MAMA..*in my Kanye West voice*

It's not until the end of the day when I sit down and gather my thoughts and realize that I do soo much in a day! Just being a single mom to an almost 8 year old little fella alone is a HANDFUL!!

Waking up at 630 am every morning, getting him dressed for school then dropping him off. After dropping him off going to the salon to work,somehow in between rushing to pick him up from school find a way to take care of other things (supermarket/wal-mart runs), take him to his after school activities, find energy to be enthused then come home check homework and make dinner. Fight him to take a shower after that get clothes together for the next day and do it all over again!! WHEW!! oh and did I mention that I am expecting?! So that makes it 25 times harder!

This alone has been a roller coaster! Trying to adapt to having another parent that is actually involved! Its not so easy when you've been use to being a single parent for so long but I am getting better!

As hard as it is some days.... I LOVE MY LIFE! I thank God for blessing us as women to be STRONG! At the end of the day it's all worth it! And when it seems like its not enough hours in a day.. I still find time to be FAB!!

So I decided to give blogging a try.

Allow me to introduce myself! Im TREEN! :) A woman that wears many hats!! I am a MOM, a MAKEUP ARTIST and a HAIR PERFECTIONIST!

Im UBER GIRLIE and LOVE all things FAB!

So as I become more familar with being an official blogger.... I will have plenty of things to talk about! So bear with me!